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Meat Handling

Meat Handling

When you successfully complete your hunt, the animal is de-boned in the field and placed in bags. Your guide will use a boat and/or Argo to get your meat back to Spruce Pond Lodge as soon as possible for hanging in our meat shed. The meat is checked regularly until it is flown out of Spruce Pond.

Drive In
Assuming you have brought coolers and/or freezers with you, once the meat is flown out from Spruce Pond, we will meet you and pack your meat on ice for transportation home.

Fly In
Once the hunt is over, you and your meat will be flown out of Spruce Pond and you will be driven to our butcher, located near Deer Lake. You will give the butcher your cut sheet and pay for the butchering up front.

Your meat, cape and rack are transported to the United States by reefer truck in late November or early December. This truck makes pre-determined stops and you come out to meet the truck and collect your meat. The butcher is the agent for the trucking company and you pay him upfront for your meat transportation.

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