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Hunters Checklist

Hunter’s Checklist

Temperatures can vary during the fall season from 60F/5C during the day to slightly below freezing at night. We suggest light fleece or woolen outer clothing supplemented by thermal underclothing, rain gear, gloves, hat and woolen socks. Blaze orange is not a requirement and camouflage is suggested but not essential. High-quality rain clothing (pants and jacket) is a necessity. Your rain gear should have an outer layer that is waterproof and quiet. Clothing should be warm but lightweight. Pack enough for a week.


Comfortable footwear that keeps you warm and dry is one of the essentials to a successful hunt. You will need footwear suitable for walking through barrens, bogs, etc. We recommend waterproof knee-high rubber boots, approximately 16-18 inches high, laced at top with removable insoles (non-insulated).

If you are planning to purchase new footwear or hunting clothing be sure to wear afield for an adequate period of time and sufficiently in advance of your arrival date to verify proper fit and comfort level for an extended day of hunting.

Binoculars and Cameras:

Quality binoculars are important when sizing up your animal, with 7 X 35 being a good choice. We recommend bringing a camera to capture your hunting experience. Compact camcorders and digital cameras are also very popular.


Popular calibers are .30-06, .270, .338, and 7 mm. All have sufficient power and range for our game. Rifles should be sighted for 150-200 yards.

A good rule of thumb is that your entire pack, excluding rifle, should not exceed 60 lbs.


  • Firearm and lots of ammunition
  • Soft gun case (very important)
  • Sleeping bag
  • A small back pack for carrying lunch, water and other small items
  • Hunting knife and sharpening stone
  • Binoculars, GPS and/or compass
  • Camera, spare batteries
  • Insect repellent (September)
  • Personal toiletries such as comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and shave kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block and lip balm
  • Medications that would not be part of a standard first aid kit
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Rubber boot repair kit

You will not need pillows; these will be provided.


  • Thermal underwear, wool socks
  • T-shirts
  • Cotton and wool shirts
  • Warm jacket
  • Light footwear for lodge
  • Comfortable walking pants (jeans or jogging pants not recommended)
  • Quick-dry outer pants
  • Wool or fleece sweater
  • Warm hat and hunting gloves

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