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You may bring your firearm(s) into Canada by following these simple steps:

  • Please review Canadian Firearms Declaration Form below
  • Fill out the form…but do not sign
  • Go to US customs at the border to acquire a declaration card (its the same card you get for your camera or video recorder to avoid problems bringing them back into the US)
  • Bring form and declaration card to Canada customs at the border…you sign your form there and pay $50.00 Canadian funds.
    *Each hunter may bring up to three firearms with their form and $50.00 fee.

Some further details include:

  • Popular calibers are .30-06, .270, .338, and 7 mm.
  • All have sufficient power and range for our game.
  • Rifles should be sighted for 150-200 yards.
  • For transportation into Newfoundland, pack your rifle in a proper gun case which can be locked.
  • Your ammunition can also be stored in the hard case.
  • Don’t forget to bring a soft case to save weight when we fly you into Spruce Pond.
  • Please use the links below to download the proper forms required to bring firearms into Canada.

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