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“Thank you for a great hunt and a great experience overall…we could not be happier with you, your guides, and your wonderful camp. We hope for the chance to hunt with you again.”

  • Matthew VanCleave, Colorado

“Thanks for the hospitality and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.”

  • Leroy Guthrie, Arlington, Texas

“Had a great time with great people.”

  • Steve Pankow, Ontario

“Once again, a wonderful adventure. Thank-you everyone.”

  • Peggy Davis, Claremont, New Hampshire

“Only the best at Spruce Pond, food, friends, hunting and memories. Top shelf!”

  • Randy Luth, Decker, Minnesota

“Spent two weeks with new friends and the best people, the hardest working and best guides I ever had the pleasure to hunt with.”

  • Don Davis, Claremont, New Hampshire

“Great hunt. Took a 12-point bull on the second day of hunting. Comfortable camp with great food and hard-working guides. Very successful week of hunting. Thanks for a great experience.”

  • Mike Cauvel, Dubois, Pennsylvania

“Great experience, as good if not better than last year. Would recommend Spruce Pond to anyone.”

  • Richard Woolsey, Clifton Park, New York

”A great place and great experience! My first moose hunt was a success, the people could not have been more friendly. Great food, great guides.”

  • Dan Russell, Ballston Spa, New York

“Hunted hard and got my moose on the last morning. Food great, guides great, hunting great! Couldn’t be better.”

  • Bob Cooley, Scotia, New York

“Amazing people, amazing sites. Seen plenty of game. Passed on a few bulls in hope of a plywood bull. Hope to be back soon.”

  • Todd Mitchell, Hillsdale, New York

“Wonderful service from the guides, a great hunt.”

  • Rex Weegar, Morrisburg, Ontario

“Enjoyed meeting new friends and harvesting a nice caribou.”

  • Rick Young, Boring, Oregon

“Comfortable camp, good food, great guides.”

  • David Imeson, Smiths Falls, Ontario

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